Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Doing a website for a friend

A friend of ours needed a website. I know that's true...why? Because his wife told him this! LOL, she's absolutely right. So he asked if a website was anything I'd be interested in doing. I said I'd help by making suggestions and also finding a good place to host it, being quick to add "but you don't want me to do it myself." He assured me that it would be a very simple, single page, just the facts. I suggested that perhaps a blog format would work for this. Free templates, free hosting. He could create a main page which would remain static and not frequently undergoing change, with a second page for related things such a a few photos. In fact it could be easily accomplished by doing that himself.

One thing led to another. So far after a few revisions, we have an actual website up and running. Just one page so far, with a second one planned, for Gregory Smith Piano Tuning and Repair.

I guess my mistake was doing a quick blog for him, just to show how easy it is to blog. After all, as I've mentioned, even our dog has not only one but two blogs going. Meanwhile, let's just say it is obvious I have much to re-learn when it comes to building websites. Be patient. It will eventually take on a more professional appearance. Since Greg is a professional in his field and in every sense of the word, his website is going to have to reflect that image. Until then, I will not be satisfied.