Sunday, September 28, 2008

J 'n J

Here they are again! Sunny afternoon and perfect weather took us to the park. John underwent angiogram and had a stent put in on Sept 8. He was making excellent recovery from that, with a detour on Friday due chest pain. After some time in the ER, he was given the choice of get admitted and remain over weekend for observation or go home and cool it. The natural choice was home. Who can ever get any rest in a hospital! This did cancel out our plans for the weekend, but John is sleeping a good bit and has followed doctor's orders. That's a first! We enjoyed a video Saturday night from Netflix, "The Dark Knight." Definitely not a chick flick, but the casting was fantastic, so even I liked parts of it, and this recent Batman was just what John wanted for the evening. I think guys of all ages will enjoy it, and some of the gals, as well.
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