Thursday, May 01, 2008

Foyles War

Last night we watched "Plan of Attack," an episode from the latest and sadly last Series of Foyles War. Here's a breakdown of Series One thru Series Six. This series has had me so hooked! Last night's episode is one of the best so far, and that says alot because usuallly as a series moves on from year to year you can tell they are running out of material for plots. Not so at all in "Foyles War." One of the best things is that there is something in this series for every generation. That's really hard to find, especially when it involves the subject of war. Michael Kitchen and Honeysucke Weeks are cast as DCS Foyle and Samantha Stewart, both adding so much to the quality of this not-to-be-missed series. There are only two more episodes after "Plan of Attack," and I'll be so sorry to see the series over for good.

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