Sunday, September 16, 2007

Anniversay plans change

John injured his neck while out for a run over a week ago. He kept telling me "it's getting better, it's already better" while I saw him reaching for the Tylenol. Thursday night was a rough one. Pain kept John awake and miserable, so off he went to "Immediate Care" on Friday. Not so immediate, he was there for almost 6 hours and returned home w/ meds.

Jake found a new Geocashe plant Friday night, which by Saturday had been moved into our fenced yard. No wonder he was barking!!! So for fun we took photos and then moved it. Jake found it again on Saturday.

Our anniversay celebration has been put on hold due to John's neck, but he was better enough Saturday night to go to the park. I'd been out for a good time Saturday afternoon while John napped. Enjoy a short slideshow and check out the Geocache website!

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