Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th

This morning I had an appointment w/ my surgeon. What i thought was something he would handle in the office turns out to require day surgery complete w/ anesthesia. It's not serious at all, but then again, it because I have to be there by 7:30 am. It's over an hour's drive. Then there's the parking, which adds another 20 mintes to park and get into hospital check in desk. Not a morning person and all the way into town at that hour when the traffic is at its worst is the most serious part of this. Probably the traffic coupled w/ what they predict as rain and wind storms is more dangerous than the anesthetic! In order to be awake, dressed and ready to roll, maybe I'll just stay up all night and catch up on my reading. Have 5 good books awaiting my attention and love to put on some good music, settle into a book when the rest of the world is sleeping and there will be no interruptions.

It was really a good day after all because a wonderful neighbor and friend had gotten thru a tough surgery this morning successfully, out of recovery and into her room for overnight. Cancer surgery. On a lung. Third time for the lungs. She's only in her mid forties and has had more cancer surgeries than I can remember. By the time my own doctor had finished with me and I got thru the maize of 3 skybridges, two elevators, three buildings my friend was awake and smiling. That made my day! She's to come home, back into the neighborhood where she belongs and is much loved by tomorrow afternoon.

So...who am I to complain about a small thing on my own schedule for next week in the O.R. They'll just be removing an infected cyst in my neck. No big deal. Particularly not after breast cancer surgery in September, gall bladder in February added to John's total knee replacement in January. (I think these last two years we've gotten our money's worth out of our health insurance!)


At 8:23 PM, Blogger BobE said...

I am a morning person but I did NOT like getting up early for all those dilations, so I feel for U!

At 10:34 AM, Blogger carolo said...

I seriously may just stay dressed all night and read in my recliner. I can put on the headphones and listen to music. No ringing phones. No doorbells. Will have "morning nap" during procedure anyway!


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