Sunday, April 25, 2010

Matty's "Skinny Soup"

1 (2 lb., 3 oz.) can of Italian plum tomatoes
4 cans of water (use tomato can, fill with water)
4 chicken bouillon cubes
2 large onions

Click on photo go get to Dr. Oz's site where all ingredients and directions are posted! For my own eating plan, I would make chicken broth from scratch and skim fat after an overnight in fridge for the broth. Then simply substitute your own broth for the 4 cans of water and forget the 4 chicken bouillon cubes. Less salt, more nutrition. Or make your own veggie broth if you prefer instead of chicken broth! If you keep this soup in your fridge at home, you can either use a bowl of it for lunch for the entire meal, or just take up a cup of it and enjoy as first course of your dinner. This works in more veggies to your day and in the case of soup before dinner you will not be as hungry, thus smaller dinner portions will fill you up! (Note that cooked brown rice may be added to pot of soup at end of cooking if you wish a heartier soup.)