Friday, December 19, 2008

Recent outing

Alas, thisshot is from one of our happy walks w/ Jake in October before he was sidelined with a sore back last week. We have snow and 6 to 12" on the way tomorrow "they" say. Meanwhile, Jake has been severely restricted from any activity for awhile due to an inflamation where his lumbar spine meets the sacrum. He's such a young, active and healthy dog we all want him to resume his normal life so we're following vet's orders as best we can. He is either in our very small home office with us, or in the kitchen and barred from leaving by a puppy gate, or he is in his crate. Much improved with just a week of this he now wants to romp but can only go out for necessary stuff and on lead at that. Poor Jake! Also, poor us! (Poor us in more ways than one thinking of animal hospital fees!)
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