Saturday, March 31, 2007


We plan to return to the Portland Japanese Garden this week to collect more spring photos. The cherry tree will be way past its prime, while other things are coming to life. Here are a few from our Spring 2007 so far. Click on photo and use slideshow.
Spring comes to The Garden
I also want to get to the Hoyt Arboretum in the coming week if we have enough breaks in our spring rains. At least the Cavalier Play Date at Urban Fauna is inside. We're supposed to be getting only a little sun, some rain, some hail, and a bit of cold air out of British Columbia. Typical Pacific NW spring, and Ilove it!

Meanwhile, most of my posting this week has been over on Jake's Blog, because of the concerns over contaminated pet food. Jake's food is not among the recalls. Everything he has had (as far as we know) is quite safe. It's just that I feel for my friends who have had sick pets, and even worse those who have had to say that final goodbye, all due to dog food with stuff in it that shouldn't be.