Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My Day so Far

I had a follow up appointment this morning w/ the surgeon who removed the "thingy" in my neck in Day Surgery/ Short Stay Unit @ hospital last week. Pathology was as expected. (this is good, unlike several other times this year) It was actually something of a fun visit, because the patient w/ appt right in front of me was being escorted by another person who was a volunteer for Guide Dogs in San Raphael. She had a lovely young Labrador puppy w/ her. We met in the elevator and I asked if the pup was allowed to say "hello" as he was in his green training vest. Much to my surprise, she said yes and told me to call him by name. I did so and also gave him a sit command, told him good dog. We were headed to the same office, and the handler/trainer was having some difficulty guiding her person in a wheel chair thru doorways and also keeping the dog in proper position. I volunteered to dog sit, and much to my surprise, once again she said yes. The pup was so much fun for once in my life I hoped the doctor would be running behind schedule. He was, but only barely.

Meanwhile, I had left my camera in the car. Clint had driven me in and was laughing @ my grabbing camera on the way out of the house. What on earth do you need that for, he asked. Well, U never know, was my response. Left camera in car, however, so that both he and I would be hands free. He needed to use his cell and between that and getting my manual chair thru doorways, elevator, skybridge, etc, it just seemed prudent. Wish I'd had the camera the entire time. (This time I couldn't have just hung it around my neck due to last week's surgery.) The pup was so easy to handle and reponded to all the proper commands. I had him in so many perfect photo op positions. He gave me so many wonderful expressions. Can U imagine my dismay when handler and patient came out just as Clint returned w/ my camera and the hander immediately took my camera, saying this way I'd have photo of dog and me together!!!!!!!!!! Since she'd been so kind as to loan me the dog, I could hardly protest that I didn't want photo of me but just wanted her to go get lunch or something and leave dog w/ me. LOL! I took quick photo of the yellow pup from above after putting him back on a down/stay. She got one blurry one, one OK one, and then it was time for me to go into exam room and for them to depart.

Lesson learned...NEVER be w/out one of my cameras unless under water. Don't have case or camera for underwater use. Not yet.


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